Friday, January 4, 2013

The Sorcerer and the White Snake

We love our Kung Fu. Jet Li is also incredibly talented in any martial arts he does. This movie stood out made me pay attention because it has magic, monsters and a ton of kung fu!

A sorcerer fights for the soul of a young physician who has fallen in love with a woman whose true identity is that of Madame White Snake, a thousand-year-old snake demon. 

It makes complete sense only because magic is involved. If it was science, people would be booing at the screen.

It would seem this lovely movie came out in 2011 but will be hitting US theaters sometime soon in 2013. But as you can see you can download the movie off iTunes. (Or "cough cough" some bay where pirates hang out.) 

Any who, this deserves a check out!

E. Cross

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  1. this looks badass and lmao pirates what ever could you mean ;)