Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minecraft Game of Thrones

There are works of art and then THERE ARE WORKS OF ART!

The beautiful picture above is to Kings Landing, made in Minecraft. That is right, completely made with blocks in the wonderful world of Minecraft. This wondrous project taken on by the wonderful team at WesterosCraft have really outdid themselves. With their last update they have indicated that they have made about 70% of Westeros and they show no signs of slowing down. You can even download textures and view pics of all the work they have done. The website is a but glitchy but they might be slowing down to all the traffic they are receiving.

We do love our monsters, heroes and villains but to have this playground for them would be art in beautiful computer generated motion.

Behind the cut are more pics to this marvelous work.




The Wall

And finally a wonderful video of Casterly Rock. Truly inspiring!

E. Cross

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