Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Batman Vs The Predator

This oldie but goodie is Batman Vs The Predator (vs aliens and vs the Joker). I am going to go a little fashion runway and say I love Batman's cape in this one. It really flows nicely with the setting of a rainy Gotham night.

But I do have some critiques like did they really need the aliens in this one. Having Joker in there was fine but putting the aliens in there seemed just a tad over the top. (Yes, I know the whole thing is over the top but I have standards dammit!) Also I believe the Predator would have given Batman a bigger ass whooping. But in Batman's defense, he took on the likes of Bane with his Venom so maybe Bats can hold his own. (I did love graphic novel of Batman versus Predator. Batman needed to use his super power of prep time to make a sonar capable metal exo suit to fight off the big bad predator. Okay Geek off now.)

Fight on Batman. Fight on.

E. Cross

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