Monday, July 16, 2012

The Son of Sparda vs The Merc with a Mouth

Now before the fan boys crucify me please understand I have lots of respect for both Mr. Wade and Dante. These men both have abilities that make them near indestructible. Now when I thought of this I didn’t think Dante and Deadpool could have a decent fight. I mean I will admit it, I am a Dante fan boy through and through. However Deadpool has a special place in my heart as the merc with a mouth.

Now as I thought about how this would take place, Dante and Deadpool are well both mercenaries. Deadpool taking a job for whatever the amount of money or just because his insanity kicks in and he feels like causing some good old chaos. Dante however takes jobs on the amount of oddness that is involved. If he ever got the call that an indestructible man was walking around he would not hesitate to see if he could kill him.

Dante is a demon hunter. Besides reeking of awesome and pizza this man has killed it all. When Dante was a child he witnessed his mother die at the hands of a demon. Since that day he has made it his purpose to be the bane of the demonic world. He has gone up against devils, angels, and harbingers whose single purpose is to enslave the world. Now when Dante says he’s going to kill you it’s never an empty threat. He has amazing skills with a sword and firearms. Throughout his journeys he has acquired the powers of many demons who might I add each in their own way have proven way too powerful for one man to handle. Dante has never been killed. I have seen this half demon get impaled, stabbed, burned, and even thrown into hell and survive but could the merc with a mouth prove too much for the demon hunter?

Deadpool is well Deadpool. His healing factor is one hundred times better then that of wolverines. He can lose a limb and reattach it making him highly efficient in battle. His skill with a katana is pretty unmatched seeing as how he uses two makes him even more deadly. His firearm skills are nothing to frown at either I mean this guy can fire a million bullets at a million targets and hits them all while flirting with a female. Now Deadpool is no stranger to fighting people who will not die. He has gone up against wolverine and even death herself will not allow Deadpool to die.

Now who knows who would win, the first time these two met was in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and they both fired a million bullets at one another right in front of each other and no one dropped. Now if that isn’t a fight worth paying money for I really don’t know what is. Id love for Deadpool to show up as a boss in one of Dantes games it would blow my mind. Perhaps Dante could show up in a Deadpool comic and teach him something’s who knows. These two may destroy half the planet and waste lots of ammo trying to kill the other but I would definitely stand there watching and smiling.

 Shark Tooth

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