Thursday, June 21, 2012

Werewolves Vs Vampires

I wonder if anyone would have figured out where I was headed with my last two articles. Why yes I love to tell stories about mythical creatures, and sooner or later heroes and villains. But a wise man plots his course before he sets sail. I laid out the strengths and weaknesses of both werewolves and vampires for this very reason. A small article on my opinion on who would actually win in a physical fight. First lets lay out the fact’s on both vampires and werewolves.

By definition a vampire is a supernatural creature believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of a sleeping person at night. While a werewolf in folklore is a human who has changed into a wolf, or is capable of assuming the form of a wolf, while something or not retaining their human intelligence.

A werewolves strengths and weaknesses differ greatly from that of a vampire in that while a vampire is undead. The human who changes into a werewolf is still living and must undergo a physical transformation. They have altered animal like brutal strength. They have an extraordinary healing factor that play into the affect of the fight. Along with their sharp sense of smell sight and hearing. A werewolf can live on for several millennia but can still be killed if their opponent is strong enough. Now depending on the werewolf and how much of his intellectual self he can hold, a werewolf can be more aware of his weaknesses. But even with that being said if he or she cant dodge a silver bullet it’s pretty much the end of the story for them. There is also decapitation as well as fire which is the naturally killer of any organism. Vampire, werewolf or any other creature, minus fire elemental creatures of course.

A vampires strength and weakness lie in the dark of night. The biggest weakness is daylight and fire. But more oft then not a werewolf can not wield fire to fight a vampire. There is also the notion that a vampire can not cross water, is repelled by the religious artifacts, holy water and garlic. They have super speed and agility, there is also that tid bit where they can transform into bats or mist. But to me the only vampire who could do such things was Dracula who could also turn into a wolf. So for sakes of a proper fight we’ll leave Dracula and his powers out of this because hands down Dracula would always win in a fight against a werewolf. I think a werewolf would have more sense and run away with his tail between his legs. They are the undead and there for immortal unlike werewolves, who in the end after living for centuries can die of old age. And like werewolves they have a supernatural sense of smell, sight and hearing.

Now in my mind here are the certain aspects I would put toward this fight. A werewolf is someone who has survived an attack by another werewolf. The curse is passed down through a bite or a scratch left by one. In the beginning the course of the moon will force this person to change into a werewolf on the night of the full moon. But the phases of the moon can also play into the account of the persons abilities during his regular life. Once closer to the full moon before he or she changes their senses could possible change for the better. Yet once the full moon rears is ugly face they will be forced to change and hunt and kill whatever they can.

If the person can survive the transition and become accustomed with this life. Learn how to control the creature inside them or maybe even just lock themselves away from the world during the nights that they transform, they can grow into formidable creatures. Even sometimes change at will.

A vampire is a person like wise bitten by another vampire, yet in a different aspect. A vampire can do either two things to a person. When a vampire feeds they can either kill or turn their victim into a vampire. All my life I have followed the rules that a vampire can not walk in daylight. No matter what clothes they were or how much sun screen they put on. They have no need for sleep nor do they breath. But they must sleep in the soil to regain their strength or drink the blood of the living. The idea that vampires slept during the day some how I felt was always a ploy. Because a vampire could not walk in day light they had nothing else to do but rest in a coffin or in the soil to hide from the sunlight.

A vampire could get weaker the longer he went on without blood for his source of life or else turn rabid and attack his fellow vampire and try to drink the blood of whatever they could find. Cat, dog or even a rat would suffice as long as they had warm blood on their lips. While cold blood would poison them and eventually kill them.

Now to put two creatures together, for as long as we’ve watched TV and movies vampires and werewolves have shared no love for each other. Well except only on special occasions those events did not turn out for the best.We have seen were wars fought between the two. And usually fought to a stalemate. Where other times one side usually slaughters the other. And this is only done by the writer or on screen to bring about a crowd. But with everything that we have taken into account. From both their weaknesses and their strengths. In a physical fight hand to hand without weapons I would have to say the fight would go to the werewolf. Although both have super human strength, they also have supernatural senses. A werewolf can sniff a corpse from miles away while a vampire can smell the shaggy fur off a werewolves from the same distance. The fight would be drawn out into a hunt for both hiding from the other for a perfect moment to pounce.

Once either takes the chance to pounce the fight will begin, depending on who takes the first jump will have a slight advantage. Then we would also have to take into an account of their surroundings. A vampire can not cross over running water or holy ground. But most of the time these fights would happen out in the woods or the dark alleys of a city. Jaws would snap and teeth would snare. Vampires are stronger then an average man but a werewolf would be physically stronger then a vampire. Unless the vampire is carrying arms on him, silver bullets or a sword to cut off the werewolf's head. This would be a brawl to well run for your life.

Since I am only keeping this to a physical fight without the aid of other vampires and werewolves. It would all come down to grappling. Who ever were to get pinned down first or grabbed will most likely lose a limb. Both have the ability to heal quickly yet neither can grow back a limb or even a head. In the end I would have to say that one on one this fight would come to a draw, unless either are lucky to thrust their claw’s or fingers into the other’s chest or rip the other’s throat out. Both would suffer heavy damage and scurry pack to their pack or coven to seek help.

~ Ruben Webbz

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