Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Demon Hunting With Dante

A hero is usually defined by an act of valor that he/she has valiantly accomplished. Whether it be saving a child from a burning building or rescuing the president a hero always gets the job done. What if being a hero doesn’t mean you have to wear a cape or stand for justice? In the case of my favorite hero you don’t have to be. Dante Sparda part badass part handsome devil part cocky ass kicking machine. Now Dante did not have a great childhood. He was raised by a single mother and his father was none other then the great demon Sparda. The Demon who singlehandedly closed the world to the demonic world to make sure us little humans could sleep well. Now Dante himself had a hard life growing up. At a young age he lost his mother to the demonic force known as Mundus (Devil May Cry1).  

Realizing that life was not all smiles and sunshine Dante made it his business to hunt down demons. Now being half demon has its perks. Dante has super strength and speed and is virtually invincible. I mean I have seen this guy take swords to the heart. He has been repeatedly impaled and he’s lost enough blood to fill up seventeen blood banks. When Dante first started out as a demon hunter his brother Vergil (Devil may cry 3) took it upon himself to unleash his fathers power. Of course Dante wouldn’t have cared but as life would have it him and his brother hated each other. Talk about your sibling rivalry if you thought Cain and Abel had it bad if you haven’t seen anything yet. Now Dante loved his brother believe it or not. Despite the fact that they fought to the death and Vergil decided to stay in the demon world it hurt Dante. This is where he gave birth to my personal favorite saying “Devils Never Cry”.  

Now Dante never wanted to be like his father. That all changed when Dante put together both pieces of his mothers amulet. The second piece he found while fighting a demon swordsman on a mysterious island. Turns out this mysterious swordsman was Dantes long lost brother who for a time was under the control of Mundes the demon god. Once Dante put the two pieces together he got his hands on the legendary sword used by his father known as Sparda. After defeating Mundes Dante decided to stay and open shop. He lived his life as a mercenary only taking up jobs that dealt with the paranormal 

Dante took up a job where he traveled to an island that worshipped his father. Here is where Dante met a youth who went by the name of Nero (Devil may cry 4). Nero attacked Dante while he was murdering priest who later turned out to be a demon. Nero felt Dante was evil. Before the end the two became close and it is rumored that Nero is Dante’s nephew.  

In my personal opinion I would pit my badass hero against any of the villain’s heroes or monsters of spin serpent. Dante’s fast, strong, and as has the ability to absorb powers. In the end Dante is damn near indestructible and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for my favorite devil hunter.   


Bonus: if you haven't seen the trailer for the 5th Devil May Cry game see it here

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